Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basketball & Patron Kupkakes

Basketball themed kupkakes for an 8th birthday celebration for a special young man.  

All-star Basketball Kupkakes
Vanilla Kupkakes with Vanilla Icing

How to make Basketball Kupkakes
Tools: Wilton Tip #3, Tip #27
Black Icing, and Orange Icing
Follow the patterns of a basketball

Red Velvet Kupkakes with Cream Cheese Icing
Basketball Fondant Toppers

I used a circle cookie cutter to make the basketball
Tip #3 to add the lines

Patron Kupkakes for the adults!


Patron Kupkakes with Patron Buttercream 

A little Zebra print
Green icing
Great color combo

Sample for the road

Love the decor

Ready for delivery!


  1. Cupcakes galore..needgood sporty condition tomaster all these;)

  2. YEs. It was a lot of work... All worth in the end when the client was satisfied 100% !!!