Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chocolate Kupkakes

Special request for a happy couple who were a few days away from their wedding date. The couple are true Marylanders, and have a thing for the Maryland State Flower. Below you see chocolate kupkakes with cheesecake in the middle.

Chocolate Kupkake with Cheesecake filling
Topped with Chocolate Icing

Kupkakes for the couple

Better view

Cheesecake Filling

Time for delivery

Congrats to Rianna & her new husband! May you guys live happily ever after.

Feedback: "We loved the kupkakes... He [hubby] liked the flower topper..."  He thought I injected the kupkakes the way the cheesecake was centered.


  1. What a sunny cakies .And so gooiei inside.Yummy:)

  2. yes it was yummie!!! sometimes i surprise myself!!!